It is a busy week! Labor day weekend at the book festival was a blast! Thank you to everyone at the Decatur Book Festival for having me, and Emory Alumni for hosting me as well. Thank you to all the kind people who came to listen to me and buy books!

Yesterday an article about mental illness that I wrote was posted on KevinMD (it is found permanently as part of this website in the Schizophrenia section.

Tomorrow, I will be live on @WardandAl SiriusXM Ch167 from 1:40p to 2:00p tomorrow September 14th promoting my new book Schizo. Come listen!

And Wednesday September 15th is my official book launch. I know you have been able to get early copies through amazon pre-order (Thank you for those that pre-ordered!), but now it will be available everywhere! Book stores, Walmart, all online bookstores like B&N. Everywhere! If you haven't read it yet, please pick up a copy.

Schizo: Hidden in Plain Sight
By Ilene B. Benator