So this is it. This is the main reason a I wrote this blog. This is the concise version of the book I wrote but never got published. You get it all, dished out in pieces that hopefully gel into an understandable view of a logical approach to healthcare reform.

For the record, I came up with these ideas years ago, with some slight updates based on present-day plans. Any resemblence to a current plan is completely coincidental and at the same time completely deliberate.

Why am I putting this out there? Well, there is a healthcare reform debate beginning to rage, and I see some good ideas, some bad ideas, some really really bad ideas, and some ideas that haven't even been addressed. Hopefully I can stimulate a debate. Or at least help people think about things in a way they hadn't before.

I've been told that one of my talents is being able to distill complicated topics into an easy to understand format. Perhaps that is because I spend a lot of time breaking things down into easy to understand pieces that I myself can digest. Once I've "gotten it" I can pass along the cliff notes version.

Realize, though my blogs may extend for a long period of time, what I am giving
is the cliff notes version. Most health care plans are 1000 pages or more. I think the clinton plan was four feet high.

So here goes, the beginning of my prescription to fix healthcare:

When creating any major policy change you have to ask three questions:

1) What do we have?
2) What do we want?
3) How can we make that happen without making things worse (through unintended consequences)?

The answers:

1) We have a health care system that is neither about health nor care. A system that fails to serve the needs of most Americans, yet has costs spiraling out of control.

2) I want a system that gives affordable high quality compassionate care that makes people healthier and more secure.

3) How can this happen? Use what already works, and specifically target the failures. See next Blog for further elucidation of how to accomplish this...