I've recently added a new page to my blog. Eventually it will become another website, but for now, I'm adding a heading "Schizo the novel," about my new book.

Under my new married name, Ilene B. Benator, I have finished a novel entitled Schizo that is inspired by a true story (of me in medical school):

An ambitious future surgeon on his psychiatric rotation is assigned a schizoaffective patient who reveals to him specific patient information about an organized plot to control the population. His innate curiosity leads him to verify that these delusions are part of her psychosis, but when he discovers instead that these patients indeed exist, he investigates their connection, and his pursuit of the truth leads him to become a psychiatric patient in the same facility.

My agent has submitted this for publication, and while I have been playing the waiting game, I wrote the screenplay adaptation of the book. There's a lot of action and intrigue that plays well on the big screen. I have submitted this screenplay to a number of film festivals, and recently won an award!

Thanks so much to the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood for this honor!

I will update on any further developments via this new link above "Schizo the novel." Hopefully soon!