What is BEA? For anyone not in the publishing industry, BEA stands for Book Expo America, and it is THE place to check out whatever is new in books. I am going there to promote my new book Schizo: Hidden in Plain Sight.

You can find out more by clicking around my website, but in short, it is about a med student who is on his psychiatry rotation and encounters a schizophrenic patient whose bizarre ramblings about a plot to control the population might actually be real, and his pursuit of the truth puts him in grave peril.

I had such grand plans to explore as much of the conference center as possible, talk to some people, sign some books, and maybe pick up some cool books of other authors as well. And then, life happens...

In case you thought my bio listing "soccer mom" was cliche, I played in the parents vs kids game. For some background info -- I'm a clutz who loves to play sports. I am surprisingly good at many different sports, but have managed many injuries in the process. As a kid, I played soccer, but I just could not keep my feet. My head knows where to go, but my feet get tangled.

And so, my past experiences got realized, and my foot got caught and twisted and popped and now I have a severely sprained ankle. (I considered attaching a photo, but it is pretty tough to look at for the non-medical readers out there). While I can now walk without crutches, I cannot guarantee that I can maintain walking at the convention as needed, so I will try to stay off my foot as much as possible. So if you see a girl with an orange backpack hobbling around with or without crutches, that's me. Ask me for a microfiber cloth, or a bookmark. At my booth, I'll sign an ARC for you. I'll be at the Waldorf Publishing booth #2225. I hope to see you there!

I will blog each day, and tweet from @ibbenator about anything I see that is cool, interesting, and/or free.  

Also, for those who are visiting Chicago for BEA and need some suggestions, I have a section on my website about that. In "About," since I lived in Chicago for med school and it is a major setting in my book.



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