I am excited to announce the launch of my website. Of course, if you click on that link, it will send you to the home page of this new website. If you are not careful, you will create a paradox. However, unlike 12 Monkeys, I do not think there will be an explosion as the paradox is realized. I believe that time paradoxes don't exist, since the future you meeting the past you are a completely different entity. You can talk to yourself since you have set yourself upon a new timeline.

But I digress. There is no possibility of a paradox. Unless you clicked here and had a copy of the blog in the blog in the blog in the blog...

As you can tell, I like science. And science fiction. This blog will have that. Sometimes medical science will find a home here. If it is purely healthcare related, the blog might end up on my old blog drbrenner.blogspot.com. I might repost a particularly useful article from that blog here. There were a few helpful blogs from Goodreads that I might repost as well.

In the next week or so, there will be some great guest posts beginning. If you think you would like to do one, send me a message via the Contact page.