...Continued from Part I 

I went to the Signature Room for Brunch for both the view and a wonderful reunion with one of my favorite (and still teaching!) professors from med school. I met his wife for the first time--such a wonderful woman. It was a great morning. And it did not end! The professor and his wife had a membership to the Art Institute, and decided to join us there as well. Seth and I had a delightful time visiting the familiar art, and the new modern wing that I had not seen since it was built after my time in med school.

All of this happened because of our marital mishap. It's all good. Or all right (Wright)? We'll get there.

More reunions commenced at Lawry's (The place for prime rib!) with an old friend from med school. I did not count how many years it had been since we'd seen each other because it does not seem possible! She has not aged at all. 

Thanks to a very flexible Airbnb host, my husband and I could go on an architectural tour of Oak Park. With many pictures above. My husband is an architect and though I had already been on this house tour, it was nice to see it through his eyes. I included a small sample of the photos in the slideshow above. Frankly, Oak Park might be one of the most picturesque communities in the country. I live in a neighborhood that is full of nice craftsmans. But it is nothing compared to Oak Park. Victorians are the "abhorrent" buildings that Wright could not stand to look at. I love them. I love the Wright-designed homes. Most are restored and beautiful. Between Oak Park, and the skyscrapers old and new, Chicago is certainly an architectural masterpiece.

I had a great visit for work and pleasure. I know I'll be back to Chi-town. I look forward to it.