For those of you who are not aware, there are many ways to get reviews. Bloggers are a great resource. And I have previously posted reviews from Readers Favorite—also a wonderful site. I have been fortunate so far to have three five-star reviews, plus a number of very favorable recommendations.

But all of these are small potatoes compared with a Kirkus.  There are so many people whose author careers are made or broken from a Kirkus review. Their rep is that they are more stingy in giving praise. You will often see quotes like this on a book: "...exciting ride..." with the moniker of Kirkus next to it. Authors and publishers want something quotable.

I'm proud to say, there is a lot that is quotable on my review:

"The story smoothly alternates between present day and past, generating suspense..."

And another, that is particularly interesting, since Kirkus had no idea that my next book focuses on the very character they praise: "Characters are engaging all around, with Jake a standout."

However, those quotes are just secondary; buried in the text. What follows is the big one. I don't have to hunt for a short phrase to post since they gave me a ton, plus the following:

"A laudable mystery that starts tangled and slowly unravels—with not one but two twists at the end."

Here is the full review:

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