For those of you that follow @movinmeat's blog, as well as my own (and see me on twitter @irb123), you know about my "issues" with the unfairness of the Press-Ganey system of customer service, and how I feel it is actually undermining good patient care.

Well, irony of ironies, over the last 2 months, I am...wait for it (drumroll)...#1 in my group and in the 97.5% of all (doctors in atlanta? the US? a hypothetical sample size from the imaginings of the P-G folks?) on the list.

And guess what folks? I didn't do anything different. I told that to my medical director today when he congratulated me on a job well done, bringing up my scores. His response: pretend like you did something different if someone asks.

In other words, for the P-G to be legit, one set of behavior leads to one set of scores, but another set of behavior leads to a different set of scores. But in my world, there is one type of ER practice that leads to a rollercoaster of scores from the very bottom to the very top.

Once again, the P-G fails to indicate anything meaningful for me and for my patients. Only now, I am not in the doghouse with the CEO. Maybe this is the right time to ask for that iphone I've been wanting...