Every Doctor seeks to avoid getting sued, but few doctors know what to do once it happens. Risk management courses abound, but they are not mandatory and relatively few physicians attend. Despite the information in these courses, there is a surprising dearth of instructions to help you AFTER you get sued.

And this is why, when first served with papers declaring a complaint against them, Doctors are completely unprepared for the crucial moments that follow.

My book will prepare physicians for the battle ahead. Physicians can not sit back and assume their attorney will save them. They have to save themselves. Read this book once before you get sued for critical advice that can help prevent a lawsuit, and set you up better if one occurs.

Then read it again after you get sued for step-by-step advice to walk you through the process, including detailed question and answer sections to help succeed at the deposition and cross-examination.

You may purchase this book through me, using the below paypal links. The book will come autographed if you wish, and please include any text you want to show up in the autograph. It officially is available May 24, 2010, but you can secure a copy by clicking on the paypal link. The price is $31 with $4 for shipping. I can do better than that for bulk orders of more than 9 copies. Contact me directly for special bulk orders at irbrennerMD@gmail.com

If for some reason you wish to purchase via amazon.com, you can use the link at the bottom of the page.

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